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118. Yoon, T.#; Park, I.#; Nguyen, T. P.; Kim, D. Y.; Lee, J.; Shim, J. H.; Choi, H. C. Chem. Mater. 2020, (accepted) Discovery of sodium-doped triphenylene superconductor through searching the organic material database (# these authors contributed equally to this work)

117. Choe, M.; Kim, S.; Choi, H. C. RSC Advances, 202010, 9536 - 9538. Smooth and Large scale Organometallic Complex Film by Vapor-Phase Ligand Exchange Reaction.

116. Yoon, Y.; Kim, S.; Choi, H. C. NPG Asia Mater. 2020, 12, 16. Selective growth of α-form zinc phthalocyanine nanowire crystals through flow rate control of physical vapor transport method.

115. Yoon, T.; Koo, J.Y.; Choi, H.C. Nano Lett. 2020, 20, 612-617. High Yield Organic Superconductors via Solution-Phase Alkali Metal Doping at Room Temperature.

114. Kim, S.; Choi, H. C. ACS Omega 2020, 5, 2, 948-958. Recent Advances in Covalent Organic Frameworks for Molecule-Based Two-Dimensional Materials. <Review Paper>

113.​ Park, Y., Koo, J. Y., Kim, S., Choi, H. C. ACS Omega 2019, 4, 18423–18427. Spontaneous Formation of Gold Nanoparticles on Graphene by Galvanic Reaction through Graphene. <Supplementary Cover>

112. Lee, J., Cho, H., Choi, H. C. ACS Appl. Electron. Mater. 2019, 1, 10, 2174-2183. Exfoliated Graphite Electrodes for Organic Single Crystal Field Effect Transistor Device

111. Park, J.#; Koo, J. Y.#; Choi, H. C. CrystEngComm. 2019, 41, 4136-4140. An efficient approach to modulate the coordination number of yttrium ions for diverse network formation (# these authors contributed equally to this work) <Outside Back Cover>

110. Kim, S.; Choi, H. C. Commun. Chem. 2019, 2, 60.​ Light-Promoted Synthesis of Highly-Conjugated Crystalline Covalent Organic Framework.

109. Park, C.#; Lee, J.#; Lee, M.;Yoon, T.; Choi, H. C. Carbon  2019, 145, 31-37. Position-selective solution phase growth of fullerene crystals. (# these authors contributed equally to this work)

108. Kwon, T.#; Koo, J. Y.#; Choi, H. C. Cryst. Growth Des. 2019, 19, 2, 551-555. Surface-Mediated Recrystallization for Highly Conducting Organic Radical Crystal. (# these authors contributed equally to this work)

107. Song, I.; Choi, H. C. Chem. Eur. J. 2019, 25, 1337–2344. Revealing the Role of Gold in the Growth of Two‐dimensional Molybdenum Disulfide by Surface Alloy Formation. (Appears in Hot Topic: Gold)

106. Park, Y.#; Koo, J. Y.#; Choi, H. C. Cryst. Growth Des.  2018, 18 ,12, 7239-7243.  Additive-free Morphology Control of Organic Polyhedral Molecular Crystals by the Anti-solvent Molecular Geometry: from Rod, Disk to Cube. (# these authors contributed equally to this work) <Front Cover>

105. Kim, S.; Koo, J. Y.; Choi, H. C. ACS Appl. Nano Mater. 2018, 1 ,10, 5419-5424.  Organobismuth Molecular Crystals for Organic Topological Insulators.

104. Song, I.; Park, Y.; Cho, H.; Choi, H. C. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2018, 57 (47), 15374–15378. Transfer‐Free, Large‐Scale Growth of High‐Quality Graphene on Insulating Substrate by Physical Contact of Copper Foil.

103. Lee, M.; Park, C.; Kim, J.; Lee, J.; Kim, S.; Koo, J. Y.; Choi, H. C. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 201810 (40), pp 33773–33778. Morphology-retained Photo-conversion Reaction of Anthracene Single Crystal: A New Approach for Organic Heterostructures.

102. Kim, S.; Lim, H.; Lee, J.; Choi, H. C. Langmuir  2018,  34, 8731–8738. Synthesis of a Scalable Two-Dimensional Covalent Organic Framework (COF) by Photon-assisted Imine Condensation Reaction on the Water Surface.

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